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Company Overview

Accounting Software 411 is passionate about helping companies find the right accounting software for their business.  As a result we have developed one of the most comprehensive database's of accounting software, industry news, articles and resources for the accounting software industry found anywhere on the internet.  Additionally, we try to separate ourselves from other websites through an intuitive, easily navigatable interface and by providing simple yet powerful research tools to help companies find the information they are looking for and presenting it in a way that makes our site easy to use, relevant and understandable.

Beginning in 2001 there were very few online resources for the accounting software market.  Consequently, researching and finding relevant information about various accounting software products was difficult and hard to come by.  As a result Accounting Software 411 was launched to fill the gap.  Accounting Software 411 was created as a FREE online resource and place for businesses to come, find and compare relevant accounting software product information.  Since those early days the site has continued to evolve by adding deeper content, better research tools, industry specific news and information, community message boards, a reseller directory and links to hundreds of trial software downloads and demos

Our core mission of being the most comprehensive resource of accounting software information on the internet has never wavered and as a result the website continues to attract hundreds of thousands of business owners, software providers, industry professionals and more on a recurring basis.

We hope that Accounting Software 411 benefits you and that you will return often.

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