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E-Z-MRP: Material Planning System

Product Name: E-Z-MRP by Beach Access Software
Download Type: Software Demo
Format: .EXE
Published: 2/5/2007
E-Z-MRP’s greatest strength is its simplicity of operation. “Anyone who can read and count to 20 can run E-Z-MRP,” said Rocky Smolin, President of Beach Access Software. “It is the ideal first system for a small company or as a stepping stone to a larger system. However, none of the essential features you need in a manufacturing system have been compromised.” It has also found a niche in fortune 500 companies to control projects, independent departments, and subsidiaries.

“E-Z-MRP has made running an MRP system possible for hundreds of small manufacturers who had neither the time, the money, nor the expertise to implement a conventional manufacturing system,” Smolin said. “After 20 years E-Z-MRP is still arguably the simplest approach to MRP and the easiest to implement of any MRP system.”

The system includes a comprehensive Bill of Materials processor, plus a material planning and tracking module which tracks all sales orders, forecasts, work orders (planned, firm, and released), purchase orders, shortages, raw materials, and finished goods inventories. It also records a complete audit trail on all inventory transactions. Also included in E-Z-MRP are a physical inventory function, capacity planning, and a purchase order module for printing purchase orders.

And, like previous versions, E-Z-MRP supports multiple databases, making it easy to do simulations or answer “what-if” questions without disrupting the production database.

Double-click the downloaded SETUP file. E-Z-MRP will install itself on your system and place an icon on your desktop to start E-Z-MRP.

The demo is identical to the live system except that the part master file is restricted to 35 part numbers. E-Z-MRP requires Microsoft Access 2000 or later. A run time version which does not require Access is available. For this version or for technical support, please contact Beach Access Software (858-259-4334).

Complete product pricing is posted on the E-Z-MRP web site:

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