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Keystroke POS FREE Evaluation System

Product Name: Keystroke Advanced POS Software by Specialized Business Solutions
Download Type: Software Demo
Format: Weblink
The FREE Evaluation System is identical to the full licensed system, with one important exception. It is limited to 100-200 transactions. When this limit has been reached, a message will be displayed which includes instructions to call the SBS Toll Free Support Line at 800-275-4727 to have the system reset for continued evaluation. There is no time limitation and the full Licensed System can be installed directly on top of the Evaluation System.

Download The Keystroke Point of Sale Version 6 Evaluation System by clicking on the large button below and then running KSSETUP.EXE (approx 47MB).

NOTE: If you currently use Keystroke in your business, please do NOT install the Evaluation System in the same location as your licensed Keystroke system! For assistance installing the Evaluation System in an alternate location, please contact your Keystroke POS Dealer.

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