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Presentation of Info.Net

Product Name: INFO.NET by LAMAR Software, Inc.
Download Type: Webcast
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You can use a single module of Info.Net functionality with your existing system or it can be run as a completely integrated suite of business applications.

Info.Net is capable of addressing the full spectrum of business needs from service, repair, job-shop, repetitive or configure-to-order.

Info.Net integrates:planning, customer service, purchasing, inventory control, accounting, engineering, sales, H/R, scheduling, with your customers and your vendors to optimize your operations.

Info.Net provides a Relational Database and Point and Click SQL access to all of your data. This allows you to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

Real-time Management
Real-time information flow offers an instantaneous view into supply chain operations and facilitates e-business.

Info.Net provides direct access to customers and suppliers for fast collaboration and control.

Real-time supply chain collaboration results in cost reductions, shorter production cycles, scrap reductions, better tracking, reduced inventory, and greater customer satisfaction.
Cloud Access
By outsourcing the Info.Net system, there is no need to install software or build a communication infrastructure.

The complete Info.Net system is available from the Cloud via our servers.

Outsourcing Info.Net software reduces upfront capital investment, speeds implementation time, and eliminates the need for expensive technical support.

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